Our Firm

Our Mission Statement

To deliver the best lease extension and specialist enfranchisement advice to landlords and leaseholders with a practical, responsive and friendly approach and for our specialist services, knowledge and expertise to continue to evolve with the future reform of leasehold law.

Our Background

Lease extension and enfranchisement law is a complex area of law which requires you to instruct a solicitor with specialist expertise and experience.  The majority of residential property solicitors will not carry out this work or have the expertise required to do so.

Not only has there been increased demand for reform to the law of ‘leasehold’ there is significant demand for solicitors to advise in this niche area and our experience is that new clients are often relieved to find an approachable solicitor with genuine expertise after first receiving mixed and unclear advice from other non-specialist solicitors.

With this in mind Lease Law Limited, trading as LEASE Law, was launched by Jade Thomas and Joanna Botley to fill the gap in the market for a dynamic firm to provide these specialist services to tenants and landlords.

For many years, Joanna Botley and Jade Thomas have been passionate about this area of law and shared the same ambition to launch a firm that could cater exclusively for clients to provide the best advice to them in this area.

We invite you to see our Team Members profiles below for further details information about our Directors and team members.

Our Ethos & Key Objective

Our ethos is to maintain an efficient, friendly and responsive service, whilst taking a common sense and practical approach to find you the best possible solution to your enfranchisement enquiry.

We understand that it can be frustrating for clients when they cannot contact their solicitor, and at LEASE Law, we strive to be as available as possible for our clients, other solicitors or third parties, such as valuers or estate agents, to ensure that your transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible.

We deliver our services with the following key objectives at the forefront of our minds:-

  • To ensure that each of our clients attains the best possible outcome.
  • To maintain a common sense and practical approach to your matter.
  • To conduct ourselves and our services in an efficient, friendly and responsive way meaning that you are always kept informed of progress and that you always know that we are going above and beyond.
  • To provide you with a transparent and accurate fees and disbursement estimate at the outset prior to our instruction and to ensure our fees remain competitive.
  • To be friendly and approachable to ensure that you feel at ease and are able to contact us as often as required.

Our Work

The law offers various protections to both tenants and landlords which are intended to assist tenants protect an asset that they have purchased whilst also seeking to ensure that landlords are given compensation for the diminution of their interest. LEASE Law is committed to helping both landlords and tenants get the most out of their respective interests in leasehold properties in various ways.

We deal with all aspects of enfranchisement law, including lease extensions and enfranchisements of flats and houses, conveyancing with enfranchisement involvement, missing landlord applications and section 5 right of first refusal notices. We are also able to assist with any general lease advice or transactions, such as licences to assign and licences for alterations.

Our Directors, Jade Thomas and Joanna Botley have been specialist solicitors in this area practising in Kensington and Chelsea for a number of years. They have a considerable amount of experience in dealing with high value London property and buildings with the most complex leasehold structures, for example buildings with multiple intermediate head leases between the flat owner’s leasehold interest and the freehold interest.

We have a considerable amount of experience acting in respect of lease extension and collective enfranchisement matters where the freeholder is one of the known London estates or the Local Authority.  We are experienced in dealing with all estate landlords including the St Georges Estate, Grosvenor Estate, Portman Estate, Cadogan Estate, Wellcome Trust, Howard de Walden Estate and companies forming part of the Estates and Management group.

Our Locations

We have offices conveniently and centrally located in London and Kent.  Our London Office is situated directly opposite Victoria station in Wilton Road and our Kent office located in Maidstone, the County town of Kent in the Turkey Mill Business Park.  Please see our ‘Contact Us’ page for our full addresses and location maps.