COVID19 – Launching a Business in a Global Pandemic

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Lease Law
by Jade Thomas

COVID 19 and the Launch of LEASE Law

We are launching our business in a strange time. The global pandemic has changed the way we live and how we all work.

We have been planning to launch LEASE Law for many months and we were determined that COVID-19 would not stop us.

From the outset, we had a clear vision of our business, a solid business plan and strongly believed in the benefits that our business would bring tenants, landlord and other professionals. We were determined, ambitious and had a dream to follow so the world’s difficulties and uncertainties were certainly not going to stop us.

We are now ready to launch LEASE Law on the 1st September 2020.

Our business model is agile to ensure we offer the best services for our clients. However, planning our business during lockdown has made us think forward and strive to find the best technology and solutions to ensure that our business would not be affected by anything!

We have invested heavily in the best technology and systems that perfectly fit our business. This will allow for us to literally pick up the contents of our desk and work from any location, which is perfect for business continuity when managing national and local lockdowns to ensure that there is as little disruption as possible to our service. We can, therefore, also give our staff the flexible ‘work life’ balance that many businesses are already becoming accustomed to.

Adjusting to Working during a Global Pandemic

We are committed to ensuring that our clients, third party agents and staff members remain safe at all times. We have taken steps to ensure that we maintain a safe working environment by:-

  1. Maintaining social distancing in our offices.
  2. Ensuring working spaces are at least 2 metres apart at all times in both our offices.
  3. Installing plastic partitions between desks.
  4. Ensuring hand sanitiser is readily available in both offices.
  5. Allowing for all staff members to have the ability to work from home as well as the office. Each staff member will have a laptop and VoIP telephone and video system set up for working remotely.
  6. Storing our files electronically in our secure, cloud-based case management system. We can, therefore, access our case management system from any location and via a mobile application.
  7. Having a COVID-19 secure business continuity plan in place to ensure no interruption to our services, whatever happens.

We will look forward to working with you and assisting you with your lease extension, enfranchisement or lease related matter whatever is happening around us in the world.