Deed of Variation or Rectification

We are able to assist you with any Deed of Variation or Deed of Rectification required or requested by the tenant to vary a lease or to rectify the terms for example if there was a mistake in the original lease that requires correcting.

Typically Deeds of Variation or Rectification may include:-

  • Changes to the tenants service charge proportion, for example, if there has been changes to the building since the lease was granted i.e. additional flats added to the building.
  • Changes to the extent of the demise, for example, to allow the tenant to use additional land not originally demised, for example a loft space, storage cupboard or additional garden land to build an extension.
  • To add provisions to the lease upon sale of the property which correct any defects noted in the lease terms.

If the tenant requests a Deed of Variation or Rectification the tenant will usually be required to pay the landlord’s legal costs in connection with the Deed.  If the tenant is required to pay the landlord’s legal costs we will always obtain an undertaking for our legal costs for acting for you from the tenant’s solicitors before commencing any work

If the tenant is not paying your legal costs, we are usually able to offer fixed fees for acting on your behalf in respect of a Deed of Variation and/or Deed of Rectification and provide details of our fees at the outset before commencing any work.

LEASE Law are also able to assist with any other transaction where there is lease involvement, which will include Licences for Alterations, Licences to Assign and providing general advice in respect of residential lease issues or interpretation of the terms of a lease.

If you have a lease query, please do feel free to contact us for a free no obligation discussion to establish whether we can assist you. Please contact Jade Thomas ( or 0204 511 9100) or Joanna Botley ( or 0204 511 9101).