Licence to Assign

If you are a landlord and have been approached by the tenant requesting a Licence to Assign we are able to assist you.

A Licence to Assign will be needed if the terms of the lease requires the tenant to obtain your consent prior to assigning of the lease.  We will check the specific terms of the lease and advise you of any conditions that should be satisfied prior to you entering the licence.

Before approving the assignment as the landlord we would liaise with you to confirm:-

  • That the ground rent and service charges are paid up to date;
  • That the assignee is able to comply with the terms of the lease following the assignment, therefore often a personal and financial reference will be obtained for the assignee.
  • That the assignee will have an address for service in England and Wales; and
  • If the assignee is intended to be an individual who resides aboard or a company whether it is necessary to obtain a security deposit or a guarantor for the assignee.

Your costs will be paid by the tenant. We will always obtain an undertaking for our legal costs for acting for you from the tenant’s solicitors before commencing any work.

LEASE Law are also able to assist with any other transaction where there is lease involvement, which will include Licences for Alterations, Deeds of Variation, Deed of Rectifications and providing general advice in respect of residential lease issues or interpretation of the terms of a lease.

If you have a lease query, please do feel free to contact us for a free no obligation discussion to establish whether we can assist you. Please contact Jade Thomas ( or 0204 511 9100) or Joanna Botley ( or 0204 511 9101).